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This page contains instructions on how to set up the Authenticate rule.


When the Authenticate rule is in place, VoipNow requires the caller to provide a password so that their call get transferred to the desired destination. This rule is available only for Phone Terminal extensions.

Rule structure

The Authenticate rule structure is:

<Authenticate> when CallerID <callerID_action> <number> and call is in time interval <time_interval>

require password <password> and play sound <sound>.

Add in position <rule_position>. Can be managed from the extension with keypad code <key_value>. <Follow/Do not follow> other rules when call is not completed.

Rule options

This table contains the parameters required when setting up the Authenticate rule.


Choose when the Authenticate rule is performed:

  • Matches: – the incoming call matches the number specified in the <number> text box.
  • Does not match: the incoming call does not match the number specified in the <number> text box.
  • Is anonymous: the incoming call does not have any CallerID information. The <number> text box is grayed out.
  • Is any: the Authenticate rule will be used for all incoming calls, no matter their CallerID. The <number> text box is grayed out.

Default value: Is any.

<number>Specify an extension number or a regular expression the incoming call will be matched to.

Number matching is based on the CallerID. If the remote party does not send a CallerID, no matching can be performed. However, you can use the Is anonymous option to route anonymous calls.
Pay attention to the <number> entry. You can specify the number as a combination of the 0-9 digits and the '+', 'X', 'Z', 'N', '[', ']', '.', '*' characters.

The number entry supports the Asterisk number matching.

Choose the time interval during which the incoming calls must be checked.

Default value: Anytime.


Specify the password that the caller will have to provide for his call to be routed to the desired destination.


Use the icon to select the sound to be played to the caller when the password is requested.
A popup window listing all the sounds matching the name specified in the text box will be displayed. You can read more about the Sound Manager in the Appendix.


Specify the rule's order in the list.
The rule's position in the group is very important because it defines the order in which VoipNow verifies the call rules in case an incoming call is received.
The checking is made in order and all rules are final (meaning that the program stops checking when the first rule is matched).

<key_value>Specify a key that can be used to enable/disable the routing rule from the phone terminal pad by dialing *74 <key_value>.
The Can be managed from the extension with keypad code <key_value> text is only displayed for Phone Terminal extensions.
<Follow/Do not follow>

Specify if you want the rule to be considered final or not:

  • Do not follow: The rule is final and, if the call is not completed, no other rules will apply.
  • Follow: This rule is not final and, if the call is not completed, other rules may apply.

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