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This page contains instructions on how to manage charging plans.


The Charging Plans feature is available only if charging is enabled on the VoipNow system.

To reach the Charging Management page, go to side menu and click on Charging Plans. The page lists all plans and you can:

  • view the charging plans currently set up in the system
  • create a new charging plan
  • view the fees and limitations associated to a particular charging plan
  • manage the charging destination exceptions
  • search for certain charging plans
  • edit one of the existing charging plan's details
  • remove unused charging plans

Assign charging plan

Once an account has been created, you can assign a charging plan to it following these details.

Enable or disable charging plan

Only the charging plans that are not currently in use can be disabled!

All plans are listed in the Charging Plans table. You can enable or disable a charging plan with a simple click on the S (Status) icon, which shows its status: for enabled for disabled

Once a charging plan has been disabled, it can no longer be assigned to a user.

Edit a charging plan

In the Charging Management page, select the charging plan you want to modify, click its name and make the necessary changes in the fields as detailed here.

Remove a charging plan

To remove a charging plan:

  1. Select its corresponding checkbox.
  2. Click the Remove selected link at the right of the table.
  3. Select the Confirm removal checkbox and click OK. Click Cancel if you want to return to the previous page without deleting these records. The removal operation is permanent and once it is complete the charging plan cannot be restored.

Search for a charging plan

You can search the Charging Plans table by name.

  1. Enter the name of the charging plan in the text box at the top of the table.
  2. Click the Search button. The system will remember the criteria when a new search is performed and even after the user logs out.
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